The most advanced database engine, online.

Soleran has developed the most advanced web-based database engine available.  eAppTrack allows our customers to create any type of online database they need using the simple tools provided to them in the application.  Variations of eAppTrack have been created to suit specific industries to meet their exact needs providing some of the most powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, group-sourced data, and database platforms available for these industries.

eSalesTrack, the first solution built on the eAppTrack platform, is capable of being configured to meet the CRM needs of any sales organization, no matter the size.  Our customers’ user-base ranges from 1 user to thousands of users.  All eAppTrack applications share the same capability of complete configuration to meet our clients needs.  Configuration is possible by one of our system specialists or by our clients who have been trained by a system specialist to use the drag and drop based form builder to meet our clients specific needs.

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